The message "snmpXdmid: [ID xxxxx daemon.error] Registration with DMI failed. err = 831." can occur for two reasons.

1. The patch to address CR 7010213 has not been applied and the snmpXdmid file in questions has a expired date.
2. The patch to address CR 7010213 has been applied but the customer was not provided the information to clear some snmpXdmid database files that store expired date information.
The following steps need to be executed as root on the system.

The first step can be omitted if the patch 138361-02 or later has already been installed.

# patchadd 138361-02
# svcadm disable dmi
# rm /var/dmi/db/*
# svcadm enable dmi



root@z-240-s10 # showrev -p|grep 138361
Patch: 138361-02 Obsoletes: 128415-01, 137019-02 Requires: Incompatibles: Packages: SUNWsadmi, SUNWsacom
root@z-240-s10 #svcadm disable dmi

root@z-240-s10 # svcs -a|grep dmi
disabled 10:50:48 svc:/network/security/kadmin:default
disabled 11:49:01 svc:/application/management/dmi:default

root@z-240-s10 # ls /var/dmi/db/
1l.comp 1l.tbl

root@z-240-s10 # rm /var/dmi/db/*
root@z-240-s10 # svcadm enable dmi
root@z-240-s10 # ls /var/dmi/db/
1l.comp 1l.tbl





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